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About FlavaDaddy

Good Flava For You


Good Flava For You

FlavaDaddy Meals

We provide you with delicious, macro-friendly meals to fuel your busy lifestyle.

We understand the nutrition that active people need to fuel their busy lifestyles. We make the best tasting prepared meals on the market with generous portions of proteins.

More Time For You

We love providing awesome, convenient meals to make life easier for our customers. Life can get busy with work, kids, fitness regimens, etc. FlavaDaddy is here to cut the cooking out of your schedule so that you can spend more time doing the things you love.

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We are all about taste

We offer meal prep that actually tastes good. We are on a mission to provide balanced macros and big protein portions.

Our passion for cooking in conjunction with the unmet market need for delicious meal prep led us to start FlavaDaddy.

With a background in the fitness industry, we understand your need for ready-to-eat meals that taste great while meeting your calorie and protein goals.

Our Background

The founders of FlavaDaddy were overweight and struggled with diet for a number of years. After losing weight and getting in shape, we fully understand the need for nutritious meals that actually taste good.

It’s hard to stay on track with nutrition when the food is bland and boring; we make Flava-packed meals that you won’t believe are healthy!

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Our Commitment

We cook all of our meals as if they were going to be eaten by us. Meal quality is our top priority, and we only serve food that we enjoy.

We love hearing our customers say, “I can’t believe how good the food is!”.

Our ready-to-eat meals come packed with more Flava. You don’t have to cook – just heat and eat!

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