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Orders for the following week must be placed by Friday at 5pm.

We can accommodate changes to an existing order, but the changes must be submitted before our order deadline on Friday at 10am.

Anywhere within the Greater Ottawa Area, including Kanata, Manotick, Greely, Barrhaven, Findlay Creek, Orleans, and Stittsville.

Yes, you may select to pick up your order at our Kanata location (67 Iber Rd. Unit 102) on Sunday evening between 4-5pm and Mondays during store opening hours. 

Simply go to our website and click “Order Now” on the top right.

Macronutrients are printed on a sticker on each of our meals and are also available on the website at by simply clicking on the meal item.

All of our meals come standard with 5oz (cooked weight) of meat. Protein varies between 35g-50g per meal.

On average, our meals range from 425-550 calories. Please note some meals may fall outside of this calorie range; all calorie and nutritional information is available on our website. Simply click on a given meal and you will see all relevant nutritional information posted alongside it.

We do not currently have dedicated low-carb or Keto meals. However, if you would like to customize a meal to have no carbs (rice, potatoes, etc.) and more vegetables as a substitution, we can accommodate that.

Yes, we use sodium in our meals. Sodium is necessary for performance and for proper hormonal function; if you require low sodium meals due to a medical condition please send us an e-mail at and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs.

We provide BPA free, microwave safe, freezer friendly and recyclable containers for all of our meals.

All of our meals are cooked and prepared every Sunday and are fresh to eat until end of day Thursday if kept in the fridge. Our meals can also be frozen and then thawed overnight and reheated and taste great that way too. If frozen, our meals will remain fresh for up to 3 months.

If you reside in a house, the package would be left outside your front door. You will be given a delivery time window when your order is placed.

If you would not be home for delivery and reside in a building, kindly ensure that the concierge at your building would accept the package on your behalf.  In the event that a re-delivery is required either the same day or next day, an additional delivery fee of $15 will apply.

Simply microwave on high for 1-2 minutes depending on the power of your microwave. Ensure internal temperature of food reaches a minimum of 165(f) degrees for at least 15 seconds. For steak meals, we recommend microwaving at a lower power so that the steak doesn’t become overcooked! Our meals can also be reheated in a pan on the stovetop. Note: please remove portion cups from any meals before microwaving.

We recommend refrigerating our meals as soon as you receive them. Any meals that will not be consumed by end of day Thursday should be frozen; these meals can then be thawed overnight in the fridge and reheated.

We deliver our meals Sunday night from 8pm-11pm and on Monday from 8am-4pm.

Once you sign up for a weekly subscription, your selected meals will be delivered on the same day and time every week. This is a great option if you want consistent, tasty meals without having to worry about placing an order every week!

A one-time order means you will only receive meals for that given week. A meal subscription will ensure fresh, delicious meals arrive on your doorstep every week without you having to log in and order.

Your meal variety depends on the options that you select. You are able to select how many meals you would like from each meal category (chicken, beef, steak, etc.) and we will fill your weekly meal subscription accordingly.

Once our weekly order deadline on Friday at 10am passes, all orders are non-refundable. Subscriptions must be cancelled before the Friday 5pm deadline or they will be processed normally.

We allow several customizations to our meals. We have options for extra meat and extra carbs, and you can leave a note if you require further customizations such as no carbs, vegetable substitutions, etc.

Due to the large volume of meals being produced, some meals cannot accommodate specific allergies. If you are concerned one of our meals may contain an allergen that affects you, please e-mail us at and we will get back to you.

Delivery has a minimum order of 5 meals. There is no minimum order for orders picked up at our Kanata location.

We provide refunds if an order is cancelled before our deadline on Friday at 10am.

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